A message from Anonymous
But surely you've made friends? Who are they?

Lady Rowena Ravenclaw, Geoffroy the Strong, Wendelin the Weird (ooc: she’s gone now) and Uric the Odball

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Do you ever get lonely?

Sometimes. In this land I am often seen as strange and foreign both for my gypsy ways and my appearance. Some do not wish to meet me because of that and others believe I am a bit of a wildling.

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Is there anything to be done to make the transition easier for you do you think? From wandering to being in one place?

Well, it certainly makes it easier for me that the school is surrounded by a forest and hills. I go and wander around those areas whenever I can.

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Of the four founders which would you choose to go on an adventure with and why?

I believe Rowena Ravenclaw. She is the dear friend who invited me here and she carries so much wisdom. I would like to go on an adventure with her because surely there is much I could learn from her.

A message from Anonymous
If you value freedom so highly, do you not feel trapped at Hogwarts?

Yes, I do. It was very hard at first to get used to live with four walls around me all the time. I have not gotten used to it entirely, but it is bearable. However, Hogwarts is the only place where I can learn about this gift I was born with: magic, so that is why I came here and stayed.

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What's one of your favorite things about being a Gypsy?

The freedom. We could travel all over the world and know so many different places. Also we gypsies live by our own rules, which I must say, are not as strict as those other societies tend to have. Yes, definitely the freedom.

A message from Anonymous
How often do you have visions of the future?

Well, there isn’t a specific lapse of time that happens between one and another. It varies all the time. I might as well have two visions in one day and then have none during a month. It is quite unpredictable, I must say. Ilona, my “guradian” and teacher, always told me I had to be at ease with myself and be in a peaceful place for my visions to occur. That is indeed true. I suppose I should meditate or do something of the sort to¬†attract the visions to me.

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This young man that caught your eye...what was he like?

Well, he was a gypsy so you can imagine he was a wild spirit, had fire in his heart. He had tanned skin, dark eyes and dark hair. He was a most attractive man, hailed from Lisbon, I believe.

ooc: yep, shamelessly thinking of Rodrigo Santoro :P


A message from doe-eyed-beonne
What kind of things have you seen? Could you look into mine?

I have seen different things in my visions. I see friendship, love, achievements, warnings, death… Everything. But I do not choose what I want to see, so I am afraid I cannot look into your future until it reveals itself to me.